One of the most common questions I hear from my customers is, "How do I clean this tutu?" I decided to make a video to answer this important question.

How to Train Your Tutu - The Care and Keeping of Tutus

Is your tutu a mess? Not sure how to get all that cake out after the cake smash? Is it all knotted and bunched? Here's how to clean and detangle your tutu:

1: Remove your child from the tutu. This will be the hardest part!

2: Remove any Princess chunks. If you've used it for a cake smash, or you just can't get her out of her tutu for any length of time, so it has accumulated breakfast, lunch and dinner, you'll want to remove as much of the solid debris as possible.

3: Fill a tub, sink or bucket with lukewarm water. You can also add in your favorite handwashing laundry detergent if you'd like. I don't use anything but the water.

4: Completely submerge your tutu. Once it's in the water, locate the dirty areas and gently rub them clean with your hands. Don't use a washboard or brush as it can leave holes in the tulle.

5: Once the tutu is clean, grab it by the top, and slowly pull it out of the water. The weight of the water will help straighten the tulle, so you want to make sure the bottom of the tutu comes out last.

6: Hang to dry. Let gravity do its work. As it dries, gently run your fingers through the tulle to help detangle and straighten the tulle.

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