I am a stay at home mom to two sweet kids. I have a son, who is 5, and will start Kindergarten this coming fall, and a daughter, 7, who is in the second grade. We have a puppy and a kitten who very quickly became two very cherished family members. Two of my passions are crafts and everything old, I've tried to translate those into making some extra money. I have a shop for my handmade items at http://shop.funkybdesigns.com/ and a shop for vintage finds at https://www.etsy.com/shop/FunkyBsFinds. I try to update them daily with new items. If you're interested in following my crafting and hunting endeavors, you can follow my blog here, or find me on twitter @FunkyBDesigns and on Facebook. If you see something that I make, but would like it in a different color or pattern, feel free to send me a message as I love to take custom orders.