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The Play-Doh Air Clay Creature Creations set is offering a whole load of creative fun for children to have. Any child that enjoys playing with Play-Doh, but wishes their creations could be more “permanent” is going to have a lot of fun with this fantastic set!

As you can see the Play-Doh Air Clay Creature Creations set is all about making fun, cute and crazy creatures out of Play-Doh Air Clay. This offers the same kind of flexibility and mouldability that Play-Doh is known for, but these can be hardened so that children can enjoy them as little collectibles or as toys to play with. It comes with six different colours of Play-Doh for them to create things like a koala bear, a lion, and a bee! They are going to have a great time being creative and bringing these kooky critters to life.

What is really neat about this Play-Doh Air Clay Creature Creations set is that as well as the six different colours of Play-Doh Air Clay, it also comes with these awesome sculpting tools. It comes with a Play-Doh cutting tool, a Play-Doh stylus for the finer details, and even a Play-Doh rolling pin so that they can get it all nice and flat so they can create these little creatures.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.
Product Features:
  • This set allows them to make a bunch of fun animal critters
  • It comes with a great selection of Play-Doh sculpting tools
  • This is a great way for a child to have fun and be creative
  • Thanks to the new Play-Doh Air Clay, they can keep these creations forever!
  • It comes with all they need inside the box!

Colors may be slightly different due to different screens.

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